Brent’s Story

“My younger brother Brent and I grew up together in Phoenix in a home with very loving and supportive parents.

We were close in age and did everything together as kids. We grew up building sandbuggies and custom cars with our father, learning to weld and fabricate at an early age. As teenagers, we both studied electronics and received degrees in electronics and computers. I ended up in the medical field and Brent journeyed into the video game field.

Eventually our professional paths crossed and we worked together as field service engineers for a great guy, Tom Jervinsky at Lyn Medical, Inc. There we worked for 15 years, side-by-side repairing life support and laboratory equipment throughout the Southwest.

One day, Brent mentioned to me that he was worried about the pronounced flush marks on his face along with some other symptoms he was having. Over many months, he saw doctors and specialists, but they were at a loss as to a diagnosis. After visiting several top neurological doctors, he was diagnosed with a rare form of Parkinson’s. The disease worsened and he began to lose his ability to walk and talk.

It was tough to watch this disease progress so rapidly as Brent had been such a strong man and tremendous athlete his entire life.  It was hardest on Brent who stayed strong throughout, never wanting us to worry and never wanting to become a burden on his family.

Two deep brain implants provided temporary relief, but nothing really seemed to work. He willfully and confidently moved forward as much as possible, without ever complaining. He eventually was confined to a wheelchair and spent as much time as possible with the love of his life, his only son, Clay.

He passed away in May 2004 after a long five-year struggle. Brent showed me that the best people in this world never give up their hope no matter the odds.  Brent is my inspiration and I proudly honor him through my work.”

– Lance Greathouse