Lance’s Story

Lance has been fascinated with all types of science and machinery for as long as he can remember.  As a child, he was always tearing things apart to learn how they worked and then entertained himself and others by putting them back together.

Afflicted with asthma and sidelined from all sports, Lance’s father transformed their garage into a test track for learning basic fabrication and electrical skills. Together, they worked on over 40 custom car projects.  The garage was the living room for all the boys in the family, including Lance’s younger brother, Brent.  They learned together, worked together and enjoyed many celebrations together.

In 2003, Brent was diagnosed with a rare form of Parkinson’s disease. Seeing his brother lose his mobility and how he was treated once wheelchair-dependent inspired Lance to create the wheelchair of Brent’s dreams. Sadly, Brent was not able to enjoy Lance’s magnificent creation as he succumbed to his debilitating illness in 2004.

Brent’s life inspired Lance to help individuals with mobility challenges to reclaim their passions, activities and lives. Lance has directed his 30 years of experience in machinery design and technical support for medical equipment into building one-of-a-kind custom wheelchairs ranging from edgy experimental designs to fully functional models with unique features of all kinds.